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High quality home cleaning services guaranteed.

How do I know I can trust Dazey House Cleaning?

Here at Dazey House Cleaning, we are insured and bonded, we background check all of our employees before hiring them, and above all we have a satisfaction guaranteed policy. If you choose us to clean for you, we will make sure that you get the highest quality cleaning you deserve

Does Dazey House Cleaning provide cleaning supplies, and equipment?

Yes, Dazey House Cleaning supplies everything needed to clean your home.

What sets Dazey House Cleaning apart from your competitors?

What sets Dazey House Cleaning apart from our competitors is that we want to form a personal relationship with our customers to better understand your needs through keeping an open line of communication. We verify that all of the products used in your home are certified by the *Environmental Working Group, and are not tested on animals. Doing so not only ensures the health of your pets, but ensures the health of you, and your family

Is there anything I need to do before a cleaning technician gets to my home?

No, we ask that you remove toys, clothing, and additional clutter before we arrive at your home to ensure an optimal cleaning.

Is the cleaning technician allowed to receive tips?

Yes, cleaning technicians are allowed to receive tips, and all of the tip will go to them. Tips are greatly appreciated, but never expected.

Our promise to our customers is high quality home cleaning services guaranteed.
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